MORA Collaborates with BAN PT to Recruit New Assessors for Religious Universities

Yogyakarta (MORA) --- The Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) in collaboration with the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT) holds a recruitment to get new asessors for religious universities. The recruitment took place in Yogyakarta, 20-22 June 2019. The selection was attended by 100 lecturers from the State Religious Universities (PTKN) under MORA.

"This selection of new assessors is the first program held by the MORA," said Arskal Salim, Director of Islamic Higher Education, in Yogyakarta, Thursday (20/06).

According to him, recruitment was carried out because of the lack of religious assessors belong to by BAN PT. There are still many religious study programs that have not been accredited.

"With the addition of this assessor, we hope that all religious universites under MORA, can be accredited immedietly, both accreditation of institutions or study programs," he hoped.

He added that all assessors candidates are also expected to assist all universities in order to improve the quality of religious higher education under MORA.

"We hope that the quality of religious universities in Indonesia become improve increasingly. Now many foreigners willing to study in Indonesia, especially in religious harmony", he continued.

Meanwhile Sugiyono, a member of the Executive Board of BAN PT, as the person in charge of the activity said that his party currently needs many assessor for several fields of religious studies.

"There are several fields of religious study program that have minimal assessors. So we need to add as many. This program is to accelerate the entire accreditation process, both institutional accreditation and study program accreditation," he explained.

Sugiyono added, there were 336 candidates from 44 universities who applied as candidates for new assessors. However, only 100 candidates were selected for this first batch in Yogyakarta.

He said that the selection was divided into two stages, psychological tests and interviews. To be an assessor, participants must pass these two stages.

"Candidates who have passed this selection will invite to joint the training of assessor candidates. If they pass the training, they will get the number of assessor registration from BAN PT," explained Sugiyono.

He reminded that the assessor’s task is noble, even it is not easy job.

"The big task of assessors is to improve the quality of higher education in Indonesia. Otherways, do not only useful for other university, but also should be useful for their institution itself," said Sugiyono who is a Member of the Executive Board of BAN PT from Sudirman University, Purwokerto.

In another part, the Head of Sub Directorate of Institution and Cooperation MORA Agus Sholeh added, that to be an assessor, there are several conditions that must be met as qualification, competence and integrity.

"All candidates must be permanent lecturers, doctors, and their study program should be accredited A. They must have competencies in accordance with their field of study or specialization, have knowledge of higher education management, have the ability and experience related to the development and implementation of higher education quality assurance systems, able to use computers and information and communication technology and have good communication skills, both oral and written.

He also remeinded that all assessors must have high integrity. "All assessor must have high integrity, both social and personal," he concluded.

(Agus S)

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