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Annual International Conference
on Islamic Studies

AICIS, Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies is an annual forum for enthusiasts of Islamic studies in Indonesia. This forum is intended as a medium to bring into a scholarly meeting the academic community of from Islamic Higher Education (IHE) institutions which offer a graduate program on Islamic studies in particular.

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17th AICIS-2017

Horizons of Islam in Indonesia and Beyond

Muslims across the world live in an increasingly complicated situation as a result of huge and unrelenting social change in the era of globalization. New problems have arisen, making attempts to contextualize religion and to construct new meanings of being Muslim, modern and global citizen more problematic. In response, more and more Muslims are making distinctions and declaring their primordial identities. As a result, ethno-religious conflict, radicalism, terrorism and populism have been on the rise, threatening the principles of citizenship that bind us together in a modern nation-state.
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Islam is the majority religion in Indonesia and the country is for the most part socially and politically stable and peaceful, largely as a result of the significant role that Islamic educational institutions play in spreading and disseminating the universal... | More
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TANGERANG SELATAN -- Indonesia kembali menjadi tuan rumah Konferensi Internasional Studi Islam (AICIS) tahun ini. Lebih dari 400 intelektual dari dalam dan luar negeri hadir pada diskusi ini. Mereka terdiri dari rektor dan guru besar se-Indonesia serta peserta dari... | More
Bandar Lampung (Diktis) Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) 2016 menjadi forum komunitas akademik di lingkungan perguruan tinggi keagamaan Islam. Forum ini juga menjadi ajang para dosen dan peneliti untuk menelorkan gagasan, pikiran, ide, dan temuan yang brilian dengan... | More

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