Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony is considered as one of the important keys to the successfulness of the AICIS every year. All speakers and participants would gather in the main venue of the AICIS. Local government officials are also invited in the session supporting the event. In most occasions, the Minister of Religious affair is invited to be the person opening the ceremony. He would address some key issues in the current development of Islamic studies and its future direction lead by the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA).

Keynote Speech

The keynote speeches underline the main theme of the running AICIS conference. The keynotes establish the framework of the following programme of events or convention agenda. They are delivered to set the underlying tone and summarize the core messages or the most important revelation of the AICIS event of the year. The committee of the AICIS would honor special experts on the theme being discussed on the running AICIS conference which is unique and differently every year. In some occasion the committee invites very important government officials to deliver keynote speeches.

Plenary Session

Plenary session is inviting leading scholars on Islamic studies from Indonesian Islamic higher education institutions along with other institutions in Indonesia and abroad to share the latest issues and development of Islamic Studies in Indonesia and beyond. The scholars invited are representing the spread as well as the recent trends of Islamic studies in varying regionals in the world, such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North  America to mention some. The plenary session is chaired by leading professor of Islamic Studies in Indonesia.

Parallel Session

Parallel sessions are panels selected from call for papers and panels inviting scholars of Islamic Studies to present their latest on-going research and findings in AICIS. The panels cover issues on Islamic studies based on the assigned AICIS main theme and sub-theme. Papers in the panels are connected to the academic journals to enhance the publication among scholars in Indonesian Islamic higher education institutions and others.

On Stage Discussion (OSD)

On Stage Discussion is a semi-formal discussion in a talk-show format inviting leading scholars and figures in Indonesia to discuss an actual issue on the moment of AICIS. For AICIS is always undertaken in Indonesian Islamic higher education institutions one after another, OSD provides a stage for local figures to express their insight on the issues on question.

Book Discussions

AICIS is also home for latest reputable publications of Indonesian scholars affiliated to Islamic higher education institutions or of any scholars of Islamic Studies. Book discussions are inviting the authors and other scholars discussing the books in an open stage daily during the Conference.


The exhibition at the AICIS will occupy dedicated exhibition space and attract more than 100 exhibitors from national and international educational institutions. Exhibitors cover the entire spectrum ranging from universities, religious research and development agencies, journals publishers, etc. The exhibition provides education institutions with a platform to showcase their portfolio to a well-targeted oriented audience. Exhibitors can look forward to meeting upwards of 3,000-5,000 delegates and exhibition attendees.

This event is also a one-stop destination for all participants and visitors to enjoy diverse traditional culture through culinary delights and ethnic handicrafts produced by local small and medium enterprise (SMEs)

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