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Selected panels

Selected panels are panels based on competitive panel proposals submitted to the committee:
  1. The panel proposals should be submitted by a chair;
  2. The chair should organise the panel bringing together four panelists (graduate students, lecturers, researchers, professors, and professionals) from at least three different institutions (including the chair`s institution);
  3. The chair submits a panel proposal consisting of the following information: Chair (first name, last name, institution); Panelists (first name, last name, institution); Sub-theme; Title of panel; Panel description (What is the main issue the panel will address? Which questions will be central to the panel? How does interdisiplinary play a role in the panel? Will the panel aim to produce publishable papers and how? max. 250 words); Abstracts of panelist papers (each max. 150 words); Short CV of chair and panelists (100 words each);
  4. Panels could be in Bahasa Indonesia, English or Arabic;
  5. Panel proposals should be submitted to the committee by the date assigned;
  6. Final papers must be submitted to the committee via the chair by the date assigned;
  7. The committee will bear the expenses for the panels covering transportation to conference venue, accommodation, and meals during the conference.