MoraBASe & Moraref

Malang, 8-10 October 2018 Indonesia
Berikut ini kami sampaikan materi Plenary Session pada ICON-UCE 2018 di UIN Malang:
  • Prof. Dr Minako Sakai, University Social Responsibility for Social Justice Order: Moral, Philosophical and Theological Perspectives (Download)
  • K.H. Husein Muhammad, Fahmina dan Ikhtiar (Download)
  • Nurhadi Sirimorok, Participatory Action Research Sebagai Model Pengabdian pada Masyarakat Tinjauan dari Pinggir (Download)
  • Farha Ciciek, Bermain, tidak main-main (Download)
  • Musoffa Basyir, Islam dan Pengelolaan Sumber Daya Alam (Download)
  • Affandi Mochtar, CAN UNIVERSITY MEETS PESANTREN? Designing the collaboration in community development) (Download)
  • Hasan Aoni, Mau Ngapain Anak Indonesia kedepan (Download)
  • Khoirun Niam, Klinik Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat (Download)



The Objectives

  1. Providing opportunities for higher education institutions, civil community organizations and wider communities to share ideas related to the concept of community service.
  2. Providing opportunities for various parties to make more intensive partnership related to the community service.
  3. Providing opportunities to various parties interested in various efforts for the development of higher education partnership with the communities to create better networking.

List of activities

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Conference may provide more opportunities not only related to the submissions of academic papers or articles, but also related to various activities in creating partnership involving the elements of academicians, researchers, social activists, policy makers, CSR managers and others. Submit your articles, popular media, posters, and art works through the website

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Community Service Expo

The community service expo is a place to promote the community service activities conducted by LP2M/P3M PTKIN throughout Indonesia. Various facilitates are provided by the committee including the exhibition stands. The expo participants may register their names through the website

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Community Service Clinic

The community service clinic is fully supported by KOMPAK, a non-profit organization focusing on mentoring field. The realization of this clinic is Universitas Membangun Desa (Universities in developing the villages). The activity participants are heads of LP2M/P3M. The keynote speakers are facilitated by KOMPAK

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Comm. Service Journal Clinic

This clinic aims at strengthening and developing the ability to write articles and then submit them to various reputable journals. The materials for the journal article writing are focused on the community services. The keynote speakers for this activity consist of experts who are competent in managing the reputable journals.

Implementation Stage

Discussion Forum

Communication Facilities of ICON-UCE