Message from Directorate General of Islamic Education

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

As a prestigious event within the Directorate of Islamic Education, AICIS (Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies) has proven that Islamic lecturers, researchers and scholars, especially within the The Islamic Higher Education are able to bring the brilliant ideas, thoughts and findings on topics and themes relevant to the development of current situations in Islamic perspective. I see that in every AICIS, there are always new things revealed in the study so it is always interesting to be followed by the participants in each session. As an annual meeting that is discussing about researches on Islamic studies, AICIS has become a medium of building intellectual networking both locally and internationally. Here is the urgency why AICIS needs to be maintained because it has been able to prove as a representative medium for disseminating Islamic studies to the public.
In my view, AICIS contributes to improving the academic image of Indonesian Islamic education to the world. It has been years and years that the Islamic scholarly works by scholars from different Islamic higher educational institutions across Indonesia has not been convincingly known in the eyes of the international academic community, while Indonesia has long represented a country with the largest Muslim population in the world. Therefore, the Ministry of religious affairs wants to introduce the potentials of Indonesian Islamic education into the world. The so-called internationalization of Indonesia’s Islamic education through academic works by scientists from Islamic higher education in Indonesia plays a major role in the attempt to come to the forefront of the global, reputable education. This 18th AICIS in 2018 has a significant contribution, therefore, to the growing number of internationally reputable academic works. It is only through reputable academic works that Indonesian Islamic education can communicate with the world with ease.
Through international academic events such as the 18th AICIS, we hope to send an important message that Indonesia is the only country with the largest number of Islamic educational institutions in the world. More than that, Islamic educational institutions of Indonesia represent the world in the struggle for moderate Islam to contain radicalism and capitalism. So, it is not an exaggeration to say that Indonesia can represent the world in dealing remarkably with Islam. Indonesia is a plural country with a great potential for conflict, but in reality, however, this does not happen because Islamic education is so instrumental in shaping the knowledge and awareness of people about Indonesian nationalism. I hope that the 17th AICIS and other international academic activities can be an effective medium for achieving the above goals.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.



Prof. Dr. Phil. H. Kamaruddin Amin, M.A
Director General of Directorate of Islamic Education



Message from Director of Islamic Higher Education

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

The Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) has become a prestigious event in the Ministry of Religious Affairs, especially in the Directorate of Islamic Higher Education. Since it was first pioneered in 2000 at a meeting forum in Semarang of the heads of postgraduate program from different Islamic higher education annual academic meetings as a vehicle for presenting Islamic studies to the public sphere. Then, the annual conference which was originally called Annual Conference on Islamic Studies (ACIS) has been done in cooperation with The State Islamic Higher Education (PTKIN) in various places in Indonesia. But especially in The 17th AICIS 2017 was hosted directly by Directorate of Islamic Higher Education as a part of program of International Islamic Education Expo (IIEE) held by Directorate General of Islamic Education in ICE BSD City Jakarta.
In every AICIS, it always attracts the attention of researchers and Islamic scholars to submit their papers to be presented at the conference. Even the number of incoming papers always exceeds the target every year. It proves that AICIS has its own place for Islamic scholars in Indonesia and in the world at large.
I hope The 18th AICIS would be able to stimulate scholars of Islamic higher education institutions in Indonesia to improve their research capacities. In the long run, they can be prolific writers producing more works on Islam and Muslim communities from different perspectives, from legal to sociopolitical ones. That is because research activity is one of the three pillars of higher education. Therefore, with a minimum fund allocation of 30 percent for research, Islamic higher education can improve the quality and motivation of research by their own teaching staff. As people may be aware, the mandate of Law Number 12 Year 2012 on Higher Education stipulates that the government should allocate operational grants from the education function budget of at least 30% (thirty percent) for research. AICIS is dedicated to represent a medium for Islamic higher education institutions to enhance their contribution to the world through a wide range of academic works.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.


Prof. Dr. M. Arskal Salim GP, MA
Director of Islamic Higher Education