Tittle of Panels




Everyday Entanglement Of Piety, Popular Islamism
And Media In Indonesia And Beyond

Dr. Yanwar

Tia Mariatul Kibtiah, M.Si. (Universitas Bina Nusantara)

The Role
Of Saudi Arabia And Iran In Shaping Piety And Its Impact On Religious
Tolerance In Indonesia

Azmil Tayeb, Ph.D. (Universiti Sains Malaysia)

Middle-Class Muslims And Political Socialization In Indonesia And Malaysia

Wahyudi Akmaliah, M.A. (LIPI)

212 The Power Of Love:
Unpoliticising The Politist Event, Strengthening Pop Islamism

Dr. Muhammad Muntahibun Nafis
(IAIN Tulungagung)

Issues On Character Education In Kitab
Adab Al-‘Alim Wa Al-Muta’allim As A
Form Of Communal Piety

Rights And Minorities


Dr. Nina Mariani Noor
(UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta)

For Citizenship Rights: E-Ktp And Ahmadiyya In Indonesia

Dr. Rusydi Sulaiman
(IAIN Syaikh Abdurrahman Siddik Bangka Belitung)

The Institutionalization Of Fkub In The Context Of Religious Life In Bangka

Achmad Fawaid, MA
(Nurul Jadid University, Probolinggo)

Policing Religious Family Rights: Muslim And Hindu Women’s Land Ownership In Indonesia

Maufur, MA
(IAIN Kediri)

The Controversy On The Constitutional Court’s Ruling On The Blank Religion Column For Holders Of The Native Beliefs (Penghayat
): A Discourse Analysis

Face Of Indonesian Islam  From Ulama
, Green Pesantren, Taqnin Al-Fiqh To Religious Movement

Dr. Phil.
Khoirun Niam

Dr. Hj. Umma Farida, Lc., MA
(IAIN Kudus)

Female Ulama And Social Transformation: Action And Movement Of Indonesian Female Ulama After Kupi Congress In 2017

Dr. Choirul Mahfud.MIP, MPdI,
(Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya)

The Discourse Of Green Pesantren In Indonesia: A New Light Of The Role Of
Pesantren In Environmental Education And Ecology

Dr. H. Ahmad Imam Mawardi, MA
(UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya)

Political And Social
Perspective Of Fiqh Transformation To Law Codification In
The Development Of Religious Court 
Legal Reference In Indonesia’s Post-New Order Era

Dr. M. Samsul Huda, M.Fil.I (UIN Sunan
Ampel Surabaya

Blasphemy Of Religion Between Conception And Respond Of Islamic Organization And
Community In East Java

الامتداد التاريخي :
نظرة جديدة في تفسير القرآن الكريم

د.محمد سيف

د. محمد ويدوس
سييمبو –جامعة العلوم الإسلامية
 ( USIM)

وحدة موضوعية في القرآن
دراسة في سورة النساء



د. زواوي –
الإسلامية الحكومية بكالونجان

شرائع الأنبياء : إختلاف الشرائع والأديان ظاهرة إيجابية أم سلبية



د. نور فائزين محيط

تعيين الأشخاص في قصص القرآن
الكريم: دراسة مقاصدية



د. محمد أنيق إمام

-الجامعة لعلوم القرآن- دماك
جاوى الوسطى

نحو تفسير حضاري للقرآن الكريم

Rekindling Of Anthropological In Asian-European Islamic Revival

Amporn Marddent, PhD

Amanah Nurish
UNUSIA, Jakarta

Revival Of Islam “Abangan” In Java

Songsiri Putthongchai –Thammasat  University, Thailand

Democracy And Islamic Leadership

Sonia Zyed— Goethe  University Frankfurt/Main

Concepts Of Gender In The Arab-Islamic
World And Germany Islam As Normative Orders

Amporn Marddent —Walailak  University, Southern

Idealization Of Muslim Women’s Veil: The
Swell Of Unrest In Southern Thailand

Radicalism And The Prospects For Multiculturalism In Southeast Asia

Prof. Dr. phil. Asfa Widiyanto, M.A.

Associate Prof. Dr. Premalatha Karupiah —Universiti  Sains Malaysi

Cultural Sustainability In A Diasporic Community: Exploring The
Experiences Of Malaysian Indians

Associate Prof. Dr. Mohd Roslan Mohd Nor —The  University of Malaya

Religious Extremism And Malaysian Citizen Involvement In ‘Unholy’ Jihad

Dr. phil. Suratno, M.A. —Paramadina University

Terrorist Family In Contemporary Indonesia: Origins, Motives,
Narratives And Networks

Muzayyin Ahyar, M.A. IAIN  Samarinda

Reproliferation Of Islamist Movement In Surakarta: Trajectory And
Strategy In The Post Democratization Indonesia

Prof. Dr. phil. Asfa Widiyanto, M.A. —IAIN  Salatiga

Islam, Multiculturalism And Nation-Building The Post-Truth Age: The
Experience Of Indonesia

Contemporary Qur’anic Studies And
Tafsīr In The Malay-Indonesian World

Dr.phil. Sahiron Syamsuddin, MA

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ammar Fadzil – IIUM, Kuala Lumpur

Tafsīr In Malaysia:
General Overview With Special Reference To Its Recent Development

Prof. Mouhanad Khorchide – the University of Münster, Germany

Modern Approaches
To The Hermeneutics Of The Qur’an

Dr. Jajang A. Rohmana—UIN  Sunan
Gunung Djati, Bandung

The Qur’an And Vernacular Traditions In Indonesia: The Superiority Of God As “I” In
Sundanese Qur’anic Commentaries

Lien Iffah Naf’atu Fina, MHum., MA. –UIN
Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta

Speaking Politics Through The Qur’an: Emha Ainun Nadjib’s Tadabbur And The Indonesian Context

Notes From The Margins: Listening To The
Voices Of Minoritiea

Dr. Arif Maftuhin

Achmad Siddiq—SMP  Islam Prestasi al-Mubtadiin, Bantul

Signs Of The Gods: Deaf And Religious Access Problems

Abdullah Fikri —Pusat  Layanan Difabel UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta

Divine Words In The Dark: Access To The Qur’an And Reading Behavior Among The Blind In Yogyakarta

Rezza Maulana —ICRS  (Indonesian Consortium for Religious
Studies) Yogyakarta

A Slow Down Burn: The Case Of Ahmadiyya’s School Piri In Yogyakarta

Effendi —Ministry  of Religious
Affairs, Jembrana, Bali

Menyama Braya And The Relation Of Muslim-Hindu In Bali

Contested And
Negotiated Spaces In The Construction Of Muslim Identity: Families, Schools,
Mosques And Beyond

Dr. T.
Zulfikar, M. Ed., MA

Dr. T. Zulfikar, M. Ed., MA– UIN Ar-Raniry
Banda Aceh

Young Indonesian-Australian Muslims: Negotiating Identities Beyond Their Imagined Communities

Dr. Mokhammad Yahya, MA —UIN
Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang

Trajectories Of Identity Of Young Muslims In Germany

Dr. phil. Saiful Akmal, MAUIN  Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh

The Making Of Moderate Indonesian Muslims In Europe: Lesson Learnt From Germany

Dr. Moch Fakhruroji, M. Ag UIN  Gunung Jati Bandung

Sharing Is Caring: Maintaining Indonesian Muslim Identity Through Islamic Learning

Associate Prof. Khairudin Aljunied—National  University of Singapore

Mosques In The Malay World As Cosmopolitan Spaces

Messages, Continuity, Consistency,
And Human Welfare

Prof. Dr. Mohamad Anton Athoillah, M.M

Miski —UIN  Maulana Malik Ibrahim

Ricoeur’s Hermeneutical Model Of Economic Verses

Muhammad Alfatih Suryadilaga —UIN  Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta

Hadith Of IḥyāAl-Mawāt And It’s Contextualization In The Perspective Of Islamic Economics And Contemporary Context In Indonesia

Dr. Ja’far Assagaf IAIN  Surakarta

The Analogy Of Muzāra’ah Hadith With Fisheries Sector And It’s Contribution To The Welfare Of Indonesia Fisherman

Ahmad Maulidizen —University  of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

The Concept Of Muzāra‘Ah And Its Implications On
Socio-Economic Of Society In Cianjur, West Java

Researching And Teaching About Religious
Minorities In Indonesia: Approaches And Perspectives

Dr. Ahmad Najib Burhani

Dr. Media Zainul Bahri —UIN Syarif
Hidayatullah Jakarta

Perceiving Hinduism: Views From Indonesian Muslim Scholars (1970-2015)

Halimatusa’diah, M.Si

Researching Religious Minorities For Advocacy: The Case Of Aliansi Sumatera Utara Bersatu (Asb) And Setara Institute

Muhammad Agus Noerbani —Balitbang  Jakarta, the Ministry of Religious Affairs

From ‘Aliran Sesat’ To ‘Kelompok Bermasalah’: Studying Characterizations Of Religious Minorities In The
Researches Of The Ministry Of Religious Affairs

Dr. Suhadi Cholil, MA—UIN  Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta

Engaged Religious Studies: The Roots And Experiments In Indonesian Context

Dr. Ahmad Najib Burhani –Indonesian
Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Jakarta and Fellow at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak
Institute, Singapore

Religious Minorities In The Discipline Of Religious Studies: Trajectory And Controversy

Islamic Education, Culture And Knowledge

Dr. Nurasmawati, M.Pd

Nur Asmawati

Motivating Students In
The Efl Classroom 
(A Case Study At State Institute For
Islamic Studies, Indonesia)

Dr. Zulfah, M.Pd

IAIN Parepare

Design Research On Bilingual Program Based Language Function For Young Efl Learners


UIN Alauddin, Makassar

The Idol: A Model For Communicative
Competence-Based Elt Materials Development

Dr. Gusnarib, M.Pd


Pembelajaran Nilai Nilai Karakter Islam Moderat Di Perguruan Tinggi Iain Palu

Arifuddin M. Arif

Dosen IAIN Palu

Nalar Spiritual Pendidikan Islam: Refleksi Pemikiran Pendidikan Kh. Abdurrahman Ambo Dalle Dalam  Memperkuat Peran Pendidikan Islam Di Era Global

Media Construction Of Piety: Popularizing Faiths And Practices

Dr. Hasse J, MA

Dr. Enrique B. Batara —MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology,

Religious Content In Social Media Networks: Popularizing Islamic Faith And Practices

Intan Permata Sari, MA

Insititut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Bengkulu

Under Media Shadows: The Religious Codification, Divergence, And Cooptation Of Indonesia In The Internet Era

Firly Annisa, MA —Keele
University UK- Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Contestation Of Piety And Muslima Identity In Instagram

Jalaluddin B, S.S., M.A.UIN  Alauddin Makassar

The Self-Reflection Of To Lotang’s People As Mass Media Audiences

Islamism And Politics Identities In Contemporary Indonesian Democracy

Dr. Saipul Hamdi, MA

Fredy Torang Widiyanto Munthe, MA Universitas  Nahdlatul Ulama Kalimantan Timur

Ukhuwah Islamiyah In Indonesian Policy: The Explanation Of Indonesian Behavior Toward Rohingya Issue In 2012

Ridwan Rosdiawan, MAIAIN  Pontianak

Mapping The Anatomy Of Islamism And Islamic Terrorism Discourses

Ach. Tijani, M. HumIAIN Pontianak

Islamic Populism In Regional Election Contestation

Hary Widyantoro, MA— IAIN

Monopolizing Religious Blasphemy Law Interpretation In Indonesia: Islamist Groups And Their Interest In National And Local Politics

Dr. Saipul HamdiIslamic Research and Training Center (IRTC), Politani Samarinda

Wahhabism In Contemporary Indonesian Democracy: Politics Identities, Pancasila And Religious Conflict

Moderatism In Contemporary Muslim Countries


Hamdani Ph.D – Graduate Program of University of Nahdlatul Ulama (UNUSIA) Jakarta

The Challenge Of Moderate Islam In Joko Widodo’s Administration: Between Civil
Society And State Agents

Arif Zamhari Ph.DGraduate
Program of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta

Understanding Moderate Islamic Teaching Through The Concept Of Islam Rahmatan Lil Alamin: A Study Of Kyai Hasyim Muzadi’s Thought

Dr. Nashrullah JasamGraduate Program of University of Nahdlatul Ulama Indonesia [UNUSIA]

The Concept And Practice Of Islamic Moderatism: Comparing Saudi Arabia And Indonesia’s Public Policy

Leiliyanti Ph.D, Diyantari M.App. Ling and Irawaty, Ph.D
State University of Jakarta

The Production And Consumption Of Political And Religious Hate Speech In The 2014 Presidential Election Indonesia

Imaduddin Muhammad
Program University of Nahdlatul Ulama Indonesia (UNUSIA) Jakarta

Youth Agency In Countering Extremism (Study On
Gusdurian Movement)

Indonesian Qur’an And Hadith Exegesis: Sources, Development, Influence, And


Mughzi Abdillah – Ankara Üniversitesi

Tafsîr Al-Baydawî’s Influence In Ottoman And Malay Qur’anic Exegesis Studies

Husen – Hartford Seminary

Genealogy Of Southeast Asian Tafsīr: Influence Of Waḥdat
In Early Malay Qur’anic Exegetical Works

Munirah – STAI
Rasyidiyah Khalidiyah

Metodologi Syarh Hadis Indonesia Awal Abad Ke-20 (Studi Komparasi Al-Khil‘Ah Al-Fikriyyah Syarh Al-Minhah Al-Khairiyyah  Dan Al-Tabyīn
Al-Rawī Syarh Arba‘In Nawawi

Jannah – STAI Rasyidiyah Khalidiyah

Manaqib Dalam Resepsi Masyarakat Banjar: Sakralisasi Teks

Syahidin Mubarok – Universitas Airlangga

Optimizing Locality Of Al-Quran Commentary: The Radical Movement’s Radical Reduction Effort

Huda, M.Pd. —UIN  Maulana Malik
Ibrahim, Malang

Menakar Ulang Nilai Spiritualitas Dalam Teks Agama: Pembacaan Dekonstruktif Terhadap
Identitas Perempuan Dalam Al-Qur’an

Qur’an And
Context: The Contribution Of Local Wisdom To Islamic Values ​​In

Dr. Ahmad Zainal Abidin, MA

Dr. Ahmad
Zainal Abidin, MA—
IAIN Tulungagung

The Meaning Of Rajah
In The Tradition Of Ngantru’s Community Tulungagung East Java

Dr Eva Nugraha, MA—UIN  Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta

Ngalap Berkah Qur’an: The Impact Of Quranic Reading To Its Readers

Muh Alwi HS, S.Ag—UIN  Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta

Interpretation Of M. Quraish Shihab About Qs. Al-Qalam In Al-Mishbah Tafsir: From Text To Oral

Dr Salamah Noorhidayati, M.Ag—IAIN  Tulungagung

Reading Certain Quranic Chosen Chapters In Mandatory Prayings (An Analysis Of Women Islamic Boarding School Headship  Understanding In Pesantren Nurul Ulum Blitar

‘Ainatu Masrurin —Lab
Studi Qur’an dan  Hadis
UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta

Nagham Al-Qur’an In Java:
Aesthetic Recepttion In The Recitation Of The Quran In Pp Tarbiyatul Quran Ngadiluwih Kediri

The Study Of Families In Islamic Universities

Dr. Jarot Wahyudi

Professor Alan Hayes, AM,
Distinguished Professor of Family Studies, Faculty of Health and Medicine,
University of Newcastle, Australia.

Supporting And Strengthening Families And Communities To The Future: Local, National And Global Problems And Opportunities

Dr Deborah Hartman, Senior Lecturer, Family Studies,
Faculty of Health and Medicine, University of Newcastle, Australia.

Cross-National Research Collaborations – A Rapid Way Forward For Indonesian Family Studies?

Dr. Waryono Abdul Ghafur, M.Ag

(Lecturer at the Faculty of Dakwah and Vice Rector
III UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta)

Strengthening Families As A Strategy To Support Nation State

Dr. Sukiati

(Head of Research Center (Puslit), LP2M UIN Sumatera

Strengthening Fishing Families Through Economic Empowerment: A Case Study In Percut Sei Tuan, North

The Contribution Of Applied Sufism (As) In The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) Era

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Irham, M.Ag

Dr. Muhammad
Iqbal Irham, M.Ag
  UIN Sumatera Utara

Al-Qalb Hudhur Application: Sufism Psychotherapy For People With Mental Health Problem In The Fourth
Revolution (Industry 4.0) Era

Arman Marwing, M.A -IAIN

The Development Of Al-Ghazali’s Sufism Happiness Inventory (Ashi):  A Happiness Measurement For Muslim Sufi

Ahmad Fauzan, M.Pd.I
-UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya

The Rasa Ada Sufistic
Psychotherapy Program: A Model Of Increasing Teachers’ Participation Through
Character Education Based On Identity In The
Fourth Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era

Virgo Nandang
Setiawan, S.Ag.,
IAIN  Tulungagung

The Effect Of Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy (Rebt) Based On Tazkiyatun Nafs Toward The Reduce Of Blood Pressure Of Essential Hypertension Patients

Naharin Surroya, M.Pd. —IAIN Tulungagung

Applying  Spiritual Emotional
Freedom Technique
(Seft)  For College Student’s Thesis Stress  :Contribution Of
Integration Model Of Sufism, Psychology And Science- Based Medicine

Islamic Education 4 0 : The Use Of Android

Dr. Ade Yeti Nuryantini, S.Pd, M.M.Pd, M.Si.

Dr. Ade Yeti Nuryantini, S.Pd, M.M.Pd, M.Si. –UIN
Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung

Science Teachers’ Insight To Use Android In Technology Enhanced Learning

Dr. Nurdin, M.Kom –Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Palu

Implementation Of Teaching Quality Assessment System Using Android

Dr. Winarno, S.Si., M.Pd  Institut
Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Salatiga

Si Sina: Information System History Of Islam Nusantara Using Android

Dr. Siti Isnaniah, M. Pd. –Institut
Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Surakarta

Indonesian Lesson For Foreign Speakers (Bipa) In Islamic Univeraities (Ptki) In Facing Industry 4.0 Revolution Era

Dr. Prima Aswirna, S. Si, M.Sc – Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Imam
Bonjol Padang

Paradigm Changes Of Pesantren: Community And Islamic Scholar Perception About
Post-Modernism Pesantren
Based On Android

الوسطية الإسلامية: من النظرية إلى التطبيق

نو عين

محمد رفيقي

(جامعة نهضة العلماء جوكجاكرتا)

كلمة “وَسَطَ” ومشتقاتها في القرآن الكريم : دراسة تحليلية دلالية-أسلوبية

عبد الملك

(جامعة سبيلاس مارت سوراكرتا)

ترجمة الحوارات المتضمنة
على القيم التوسطية فى
رواية “
Terrorist” لـ
جون أبدايك

نور هداية-(جامعة نهضة
العلماء جوكجاكرتا

الوسطية الإسلامية في رواية
يوما ما كنت إسلاميا لمحمد أبو خليل

محي الدين

(جامعة نهضة العلماء جوكجاكرتا)

الموقف الاعتدالي عند بيسانترين في جاوة نحو الفنون التعبيرية التقليدية المحلية

Construction  Non Litigation Dispute Resolution
Model  Based On Islamic Law And
Indonesian Culture

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Rokan

Dr. Mustapa Khamal Rokan, M.H. –UIN
Sumatera Uta

Dalihan Natolu As Dispute Resolution Of Religion
Based On Local Values In North Sumatera, Indonesia

Dr. Kama Rusdiana, M.Ag, —UIN  Syarif Hidayatullah-Jakarta

Dispute Resolution Of Sharia Economy Based On Local Values (Case Of Sabang,
Banda Aceh)

Dr. Nita Triana, IAIN Purwokerto

Initiating Arbitration Based On  Indonesian Culture And Islamic Law  For Trade Dispute Resolution

Dr. Any Ismayawati – IAIN Kudus

Penal Mediation In Cases Of Domestic Violence Based On Islamic Values And Local Wisdom

Abdul Rohman –IAIN Purwokerto

Unification Of Islamic Religious Group Based On Multi Interdisciplinary To
Madany Society

Studi Hadis Kontemporer

Dr. Novizal Wendry, M.A

Novizal Wendry —UIN  Imam Bonjol Padang

Meninjau Ulang Konsep Al-Jarḥ Kritikus Hadis Terhadap Periwayat Kufah

Muhammad Anshori, M.Ag.,-STAI Islam Darul
Kamal Lombok

DALAM STUDI HADIS, Analisis Historis Kemunculan Dan Pelembagaan

Dr. Abdul Majid, M.A., -IAIN Samarinda

Reinterpretasi Hadis-Hadis Rukyatul Hilal

Dr. Hj. Fitri Yeni M. Dalil, Lc., M.Ag.—IAIN  Batusangkar

Psiklogi Dalam Perspektif Hadis Sebuah Kajian Hadis Integratif Dan Empowering Terhadap Teori-Teori Psikologi Islam

Haidir Rahman, M.Ud. —IAIN  Samarinda

Relasi Muslim Dan Nonmuslim Dalam
Perspektif Hadis

Critical Reflection
Islamic Thinkings
of Islamic
Radical Movement In Indonesia

Dr. Nurul Azizah, S.Ag., M.Pd.I., MA

Dr. Sofyan Hadi, S.Sos.I., M.Pd

The Effort of PP. Al-Qodiri and PP. Miftahul Ulum Jember Students In Stemming Radicalism Ideology Of Islam

MukhibatIAIN Ponorogo

Strengthening of National
Identity Through Personality Developmentbased
on Ethno-Pedagogy

Dr. H. Mohammad Armoyu, Drs., MM. University of Ibrahimy, Situbondo

Hegemony of Religion
And Identity Politics In Indonesia’s Democratization

Hepi Riza Zen, S.H., M.H –UIN Raden Intan Lampung

Analysis of Horizontal And Vertical Disputes
In Lampung In History

Relations And Minority Affairs

Dr. Abad Badruzaman, MA

عباد بدر الزمان

جامعة تولونج آجونج الإسلامية الحكومية

مكانة الأديان غير الإسلامية منالمنظور
القرآني (دراسة تفسيرية سياقية)

احمد فاضل

جامعة سلطان مولانا حسن الدين الإسلامية الحكومية بنتين

ضرورية الحوار مع غير المؤمنين وآدابه: بحث في سلسلة محاضرات كمال الحيدري قي قناة يوتوب
بعنوان “حوار مع الملحدين”

علي محترم

جامعة السلطان مولانا حسن الدين
الإسلامية الحكومية ببنتن

الإسلام، والمواطنة، والأقليات:
خطاب العلاقة بين المسلمين وغيرهم في ضوء سلطة 
التفاسير السائدة بإندونيسيا

Djunawir Syafar Pascasarjana, UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta


Harmonization Of
Islam, Christianity And Buddhism 
(Implementation In Sd Negeri 46
Hulontalangigorontalo City)

Benny Kurniawan

Institut Agama Islam Nahdlatul Ulama

Inter-Religious Dialogue And Peace Campaigns: Study
Of The Gusdurian Netwok Social Movements

The Dynamics Of Muslim’s Mobility In
Diasporic Experience In Southeast Asia: Identity, Cultural Sustainability,
And Locality

Muhammad Said, M.Ag

Dawam Multazamy Rohmatulloh, M.HumInstitute  of Islamic Studies Sunan Giri

Mapping The Dynamics Of Indonesian Muslims Mobility In Xx-Xxi

Muhammad Said, M.Ag –STAI Darul
Kamal, Lombok Timur

The Dynamic Of Hadhramis Community In Lombok:  Da’wa Agency, Local Politic, And Corvorative-Ecenomy Network

Arik Dwijayanto UIN  Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta

The Rohingya Diaspora: Islam, Militancy And The Quest Of Identity Of  Rohingya Refugees

Suryo Adi SahfutraUIN  Sumatera Utara

Cultural Sustainability In A Diasporic Community: Study Of Muslim Tamil In Medan, North Sumatera

The Dynamics Of Pesantren In Indonesia
And Its Challenges In The Millennial Era

Dr. Rizal Darwis, M.H.I.

Dr. Muhiddin Bakri, Lc., M.Fil.I.
IAIN Parepare

Dr. Rizal Darwis, M.H.I. – IAIN Sultan
Amai Gorontalo

Pesantren As Deradicalization Guard: Studies At Pesantren Ddi Al-Badar Parepare

Dr. Iksan Kamil Sahri, M.Pd.I. —STAI  Al-Fithrah Surabaya

Peaceful Ideology On Pesantren Community:
A Study On Salaf Pesantren Curriculum

Dr. Dwi Setianingsih, M.Ag.—IAIN

Pesantren And The Commodification Of Islamic Education In The Era Of

Dr. Imelda Wahyuni, M.Pd.I. – IAIN

Communicative Language Learning: Challenges And Opportunities For Developing Arabic Language Skill At Gontor Islamic Modern Boarding School

, And
Religious Struggle Of
Gunung Kemukus
Reconstruction Efforts Through
Education Policy And Culture
Moral Education

Aat Hidayat, M.Pd.I

Aat Hidayat, M.Pd.I.IAIN Kudus

Islamic Education Reconstruction In The
Changes Of Gunung Kemukus Society Mindset

Musmuallim, S.Pd.I., M.Pd.I.Universitas  Jenderal Soedirman Purwokerto, Banyumas

Culture Based Education: Efforts To Shift The Meaning Of Self-Enrichment Ritual To The Spiritual Meaning Of Grave Pilgrimage At Gunung Kemukus

Nasri Kurnialoh, S.Pd.I., M.Pd.I.—STAI  Haji Agus Salim Cikarang, Bekasi

The Changes Of Hedonistics To Religius Way Of Thinking Of Commercial Sex Workers (Csws) In Gunung Kemukus Area ThroughMoral Education

Muhammad Miftah, S.Pd.I., M.Pd.I. —IAIN  Kudus

Mindset Change Potency Of Generation Z In Gunung Kemukus Society Through Local Wisdom Based Education Policy

Mualimul Huda, M.Pd.I.
IAIN Kudus

Family Relation In Spiritual Counseling And Self Disclosure: Educative Preventive Efforts To Reduce The Understanding Of Sex Ritual Myth In Gunung Kemukus Community

Sultanates And
Contestation Over Identity Politics In Southeast Asia: The Dynamic Of
Contestation And Coexistence Between Sultanates, Nation-State, And Radical
Islamism At The Local Level Of Indonesia, Malaysia, And Brunei’


Muhammad Najib Azca

Muhammad Najib Azca. – Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta

A Tale Of Two Cities: The Narratives Of Islamist Intolerance In Yogyakarta And Solo

Dardias Kurniadi, PhD Candidate – Australian National University,
Canberra, Australia

Islam And Political Legitimacy In The Contemporary Court Of Yogyakarta

Dr. M. Najib Azca and Moh Zaki Arrobi,
M.A. – Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Politics Of Religious Authority At The Local Level: Contestation And Co-Existence Of Sultanate And Islamic
Movements In The Post-Suharto Yogyakarta And Ternate

Hakimul Ikhwan and Fachry Aidulsyah, S.Sos – Universitas Gadjah Mada and
Indonesia Institute of

Democratic Unfair’: The Problems Of Nationhood, Citizenship, And The Sultanate’s Status
In Indonesia And Malasyia

Hakimul Ikhwan and Fachry Aidulsyah, S.Sos – Universitas Gadjah Mada and
Indonesia Institute of

The Rise And Fall Of Sultanate Authorities In The Era Of Nation State Indonesia

Formulating A Friendly-Elderly Guidance Program Of Hajj Manasik
(Pilgrimage Rites)

Rosidin, M.Pd.I

Rohmanan, Lc., M.Th.I – UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Malang

المسنين في مفهوم المعايشة مع القرآن في مسلمي إندونيسيا


Mardhatillah, S.Th.I, M.Hum – IAIN Madura

Specific Treatment Of Elderly Pilgrims On Hajj According To The Hadith

Dr. Rosidin, M.Pd.I – IAIN Jember

بناء فقه الحج الميسر للمسنين

Ma’arif Z.A —UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang

The Use Of Phytoestrogens For Elderly

Students’ Islamic Character By Using Information,
Communication, And Technologies (Ict) I
ntegrated With The Values Of The Qur’an
At Islamic University In Indonesia

(Qur’an, Islamic
, Education Media, Language, And Science Perspective)

Ihsan Nul Hakim, MA

Ihsan Nul
Hakim, MA.
Quranic Tafsir Lecturer at IAIN Curup

Character Building And Using Ict To Develop Human Character In View Of Qur’an

Dr. Suparjo, MA.— IAIN

The Construction Of Improving Muslim Student Character  Based On The Mode Of Consumption And
Reproduction On Ict Media

Eka Sartika, M.Pd.
UIN Raden Fatah Palembang

Ict And Technology Literacy: Building English Students Islamic Characters At
Islamic University

Eka Apriani, M.Pd—IAIN Curup

Utilizing Ict To Develop Students’Language Ethic At Islamic University

Dadan Supardan, S.Si, M.Biotech.
UIN Mataram

The Role Of Ict To Develop Students’ Genetics Character At Islamic University (The Perspective Of Nativism Theory)

Fashion Integrated Concept: How Do We Prepare For Indonesia Become The
World’s Muslim Fashion Centre In 2020?

Indriya Rusmana, SE., M.Pd.I (DR Cand)

Indriya Rusmana, SE., M.Pd.I (DR Cand) —Akademi  Seni Desain Mode ISWI Jakarta

Islamic Fashion Integrated Concept: Network Model Approach

Syarifah Gustiawati Mukri., SHI., M.E.I —Ibn  Khaldun University, Bogor

Batik As A Medium Of Islamic Character Education Based On Bogor Wisdom (Motif Symbol Gentong, Rice, Water / Rain, Rainbow / Katumbiri)

Devi, M.E.I —Ibn  Khaldun
University, Bogor

Dynamics Of Halal Certification In Islamic Fashion

Pingki Indrianti, M.Ds Politeknik
Negeri Media Kreatif Jakarta

Pendidikan Masyarakat Melalui Gaya Busana
Muslimah Di Indonesia

Hendri Tanjung, PhD —Ibn  Khaldun University, Bogor

Muslimah Fashion Models In Indonesia (1990-2015)

Nalar Pemahaman Hadis Di Indonesia

Dr. Ahmad
Tajuddin Arafat, M.S.I

Dr. Ahmad
Tajuddin Arafat, M.S.I – UIN Walisongo Semarang

Nalar Pemahaman Hadis Pada Situs Web Islam Di Indonesia: Telaah Terhadap Hadis Tasyabbuh

Akmaluddin, M.S.I – UIN Sunan Kalijag Yogyakarta

Metode Riwayat Bi Al-Ma’nā Dan Hadis Populer Di Indonesia: Studi Hadis-Hadis Maulid Rasulullah Saw

Muhammad Rikza Muqtada – IAIN Salatiga

In Quest Of Khilafah Hadith And Its Relation To The Political Contestation Of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (Hti) After The Perpu No. 2/2017

Bisri, M.A – UIN Walisongo Semarang

Ḥadits Kontradiktif Dalam Perdebatan Ulama Indonesia (Studi Pemikiran Ḥadits A.Hassan Dan Muhajirin Amsar)

Atmari –
STAI al-Azhar Gresik

Islamism Vis A Vis Nu-Intellectualism On Social
Media; Perebutan Otoritas Keagamaan Di Era Revolusi Industri 4.0

Critical Theories For Studying
Indonesian Islamic-Themed Movies

Dr. Mundi Rahayu, M.Hum

Dr. Mundi Rahayu, M.HumUIN  Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang / Asosiasi Pengkaji
Film Indonesia

Radicalism Represented In Film “Mata Tertutup”

Christopher A. WoodrichInternational  Indonesia Forum/Universitas Gadjah Mada,

Representing Islam In Indonesian Film Advertising During The Suharto Era (1966–1998) And Reform Era (1998–Present)

Dr. Asep A. Sahid GataraUIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung

Representation Of Islam Politics In Indonesian Film; A Critical Discourse Analysis

Mediyansyah, M.I.KomUIN  Maulana
Malik Ibrahim Malang

The Discourse Of Cosmopolitan Muslim Identity In Indonesian Islamic Themed Films

Wawan Eko Yulianto, Ph.DUniversitas  Ma Chung – Malang, Indonesia

Exclusivist But Tolerant Islam: A Study On The Didactic Pattern Of Adit Sopo Jarwo

Interreligious Relations And Minority Affairs

Prof. Dr. Abdel Kadir Naffati

أ.د. عبد القادر النفاتي
(جامعة الزيتونة تونس)

الأقليات الدينية في البلدان الإسلامية: الواقع وآفاق التعايش، تونس وأندونيسيا

سيف الدين هيرلامبانج

(نائب رئيس الجامعة الإسلامية الحكومية بونتياناك)

ابن عاشور وإسهام
الأقليات في بناء الدولة

ديدي برمانا

(أستاذ مساعد بجامعة سلطان مولانا حسن الدين بنتان /خريج الجامعة الزيتونية التونسية سنة 2017مـ)

دور الأقليات المسلمة في بناء المجتمع
الإباضيون التونسيون أنموذجا

ذوالفكار إسماعيل

(أستاذ مساعد بجامعة الشهيد الإسلامية بوغور/ طالب مرحلة الدكتوراه بجامعة الزيتونة بالجمهورية التونيسية)

الحياة الإجتماعية لليهود بــــجزيرة جربة التونسية

بودي جولياندي

(أستاذ مساعد بالجامعة الإسلامية
الحكومية لانجسا)

الأقليات المسلمة بــطوبا ساموسير
سومطرة الشمالية:
الواقع وآفاق التعايش مع المسيحيين

Mediated  Piety:
Convergence,  Islamic  Popularisation  And
The  Remaking  Of
Religious Experience In Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Irwan

Dr. Misbah
Zulfa Elizabeth
UIN Walisongo, Semarang

Representing  Traditional
Islamic  Movement:  Media
And  The  Popularisation  Of
Movement In Semarang

Dhuhri, MA.
IAIN Lhokseumawe

Engineered Piety: Cultural Hegemony In The Discourse Of Religious Truth

Dr. Benny
Oleo University, Kendari

On Air  Mediated Piety:  Study  On Islamic  Program  In
Three  Radio  Stations In  Kendari, Southeast Sulawe

Dr. Muhammad

Segmented Piety: Misrepresentation
Of Female Muslim Scholars In Indonesia Media

Piety, Islamic Popular And Media

Dr. Yopi Kusmiati, S.Sos.I, M.Si

Manalullaili, M. Ed – UIN Raden
Fatah Palembang

Social Piety At School Environment (The Implementation Of Peercoaching At State Islamic
University (Uin) Raden Fatah)

Rina Darojatun, M.I.Kom – UIN Sultan Maulana
Hasanuddin Banten

Trends Of Halal Product, Shar’i Life Style And Symbolic Piety, Study Of Middle Class Muslims

Khoirotun Nisa, M.I.Kom
– UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta

Da’wah Communication Of Imam Al-Ghazali Based On Ihya Umuluddin Book

Latifatul Khasanah, M.Ed – STIT Islamic Village Tangerang

The Impact Of Islamic Education Policy (Study About The Appearance Of A
Muslim Elite Class In Indonesia)

Ilmu Ekonomi Islam: Kontribusi Peningkatan Multiplier Efect,
Stabilitas Dan Pertumbuhan Untuk Penguatan Fundamenal Ekonomi Nasional Menuju
Tercapainya Sdgs Asean 2025

Dr. R. Lukman Fauroni

AM. M. Hafidz MSIAIN

Religious Values And Traditional Market Sustainability In The Global Economy

SyaparuddinIAIN  Bone, South Sulawesi

Measuring The Welfare Level Of Local Comunnity Who Take  Sustainable Business Financing Based On Local Wisdom  In The Islamic Microfinance Institution

Anton Bawono IAIN  Salatiga

Strengthening National Economic Fundamentals For Asean Sdgs 2025 From The Islamic Economic Perspectives

SuharnoIAIN  Salatiga

Revitalisasi Agrikultur Untuk Pertumbuhan Ekonomi:  Perspektif Ekonomi Islam

Islamic Activism Among Muslim Youths In
Contemporary Indonesia

Prof. Dr. H. Suaidi Asyari, M.A., Ph.D

T. Muhammad Jafar Sulaiman, MA —The  Aceh Institute and UIN ar-Raniry
Banda Aceh

From Natural Disasters To Multicultural Citizenship: Youth And Religious Activism Of Post-Tsunami In Aceh

Fridiyanto, M.A. —UIN  Sumatera
Utara Medan and UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang

The Battle Of Student Ideology At State Islamic Universities: Aktivism Of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (Gema Pembebasan)
And Student Resistence Element

M. Husnul Abid, M.A, —UIN  Sulthan
Thaha Saifuddin Jambi

The Coming Of A Post-Islamist Society? Islamic-Based Philanthropy Movement Among Young People In Jambi

Arfan Aziz, Ph.D, UIN
Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi

Looking For Young Malay Ulama: Circulation Of Islamic Religious Figures In Jambi